Rising Storms

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Rising Storms

Post by Nukenson on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:13 pm

Kol’than did little to hide his scowl as he marched up the hill of decrepit fort that had been chosen for the meeting. Behind him marched ten fellow orcs resplendent in their own blue armor and robes bearing the sigils of the Stormreaver Clan. At the top of the rise, gathered before the entrance of the central keep, were an odd collection of all Azeroth’s races. Beneath their colorful outfits and mismatched features Kol’than could sense their true commonality, a brilliance of Fel energy common among those who had been empowered by the touch of demons. As Kol’than and his companions approached, an orc at the center of the opposing group stepped forward and extended his arms in welcome. “The noble Stormreaver Clan!” The orc began. “We were beginning to fear you had not received Lord Gul’dan’s invitation.”

Kol’than pulled the envelope from the inner pocket of his vest and tossed it onto the dirt in front of him. “It seemed a bit delayed, but I did indeed. I even found a few extras on my trip here.” Kol’than replied as he began to pull more envelopes out and toss them into the dirt with the same blatant disrespect. Some of these envelopes, however, were recently bloodied. “If you, for even a moment, truly believed the Stormreavers would ever play a part in the new Shadow Council, you clearly did not do your research.”

The orc’s expression had long since turned to a sneer, but somehow managed to grow yet more displeased with Kol’than’s words. “I was given to understand Lord Gul’dan founded your clan.” The orc replied as some of the other Council member’s hands began to drift towards their weapons.

Kol’than nodded. “He did, and then he squandered the clan’s potential with his impatience and betrayal. He cost the Horde a war. We have been fighting to restore the Horde’s trust in its warlocks and its faith in my clan ever since.” Kol’than threw out an accusing hand towards the lead orc. “And now weak willed fools like you threaten all we have worked for. All to serve a young upstart flailing to out-do his own self from another life.”

The sinister smirk returned to the other orc’s face as he began clapping slowly. “And what kind of chieftain does that make you then? Your clan barely has any orcs left after its recent losses, and you marched them all here merely to insult us, and die.”

Kol’than adopted a smirk of his own as he gestured towards the new council. “Much like your new friends, the Stormreavers are no longer only orcs.” A green signal flame sprung from Kol’than’s palm suddenly, rocketing high into the night sky. A few seconds later an arcane fireball pierced the chest of the council’s speaker. The fort sprang to life with the sounds of battle one last time. The warriors behind Kol’than let out their battle cries and incantations as the other Stormreaver members burst from their ambush points. Kol’than drew his sword and charged forward.

Demons teleported into the gap between Stormreaver and Council members faster than either side seemed to have expected. Kol’than swung his sword deep into the shoulder of a Felgaurd as it barely finished forming, then used a quick burst of fel fire to launch the body into a Council member too focused on casting to dodge. A Felbat circled around to dive at Kol, but its wings caught with purple fire that brought the beast crashing against one of the stone towers. Kol’than looked over his shoulder to the Tauren shadow priest that had cast the spell, who saluted the cheiften before returning to the battle. Kol took a moment to survey the battle. A Forsaken sniper had taken post in one of the towers. On one wall a Trollish arcane mage used his teleportation skills to dance between a pair of felgaurd. Nearby a goblin fighter was raising a skewered succubus above her head with her sword. And at the courtyard’s center, Stormreaver orcs were engaged with Shadow Council operatives. Kol’than couldn’t help grinning. Everyone here were the outliers and societal rejects of their homes, yet they stood as one for the salvation of the Horde. This was what the Stormereaver clan was meant to be.

“You’re smiling like you’ve already won. I didn’t remember you being so presumptuous.” A voice cynically commented from behind Kol’than.

Kol’than spun around, fel fire already forming around his hand. “Kaid-“ He began to shout, but was interrupted as fel magic encased his form. The spell gripped his bones and lifted him into the air before slamming him back down hard into the dirt.

“Yes, dear. Kaidrine. And don’t start with that ‘you’re supposed to be dead!’ line. By my count you’ve pulled that card twice already.” The orcish woman replied through her smirk. She turned her glowing hand over, and Kol’than rolled onto his back, still bound by the spell. “You really should have joined us. This body you built is so… amateur. Honestly you placed too much effort into retaining the Orcish look.” She moved her hand to the side, intent on slamming Kol into a wall, but he used an arcane blink spell moments before the impact. Kaidrine’s look shifted to one of confusion as she lost sight of Kol’than and the glow faded from her hand. “So you’ve been learning new things after all.” She growled as her grip tightened on the runic scythe in her other hand.

“Indeed” Kol’than replied as he hurled a pair of fireballs from the rooftop behind Kaidrine. “And I'm afraid to say you may dislike my new instructor.” Kol’than said as he dropped from the building, holding out a hand as he landed which his sword magically returned to.

Kaidrine heard the footsteps before she saw the foe and turned just in time to magically deflect a new fire attack and raise her scythe to catch the crimson blade of a dark haired elven human who charged in. Kol’than charged in from Kaidrine’s flank, but a voidwalker materialized between the two and caught Kol’s sword slash with its bracers. The combat stalled for a second as each warrior eyed their opponent, then seemingly in unison the locks broke and the fight resumed. The voidwalker began slashing at Kol, who parried the first few swings and replied with a slash of his own, only to have his sword pass through the immaterial creature.

Celinae and Kaidrine traded swings and blocks one after the other, all while conducting a deadly lightshow of offensive and defensive spells with their offhands. Celinae locked blades again with the rival sorceress, then launched a fireball towards Kaidrine’s head. The warlock leaned out of the attack and Celinae capitalized on the reaction with a swift kick to her opponent’s legs. Kaidrine began to fall backwards as Celinae grazed her sword down the hilt of the scythe to remove the hand that held it. Kaidrine caught the ground with her remaining hand as wings of dark energy formed from her back. She pushed off the ground and flapped the wings once to stabilize herself into a proper landing. She looked at her missing hand as dark energy too formed a new claw in its place. Kaidrine’s eyes shot back towards Celinae as a wordless grin spread across her face.

The Voidhunter raised its hands above its head for a brutish downward smash and Kol’than seized the crude menouver, locking his sword under its bracers to pin the creatures arms. Unopposed, his hand reached for the creature’s face and erupted in fel fire. The demon screamed as it dissipated and its metal bracers fell at Kol’s feet. He turned towards the other two. “You’re running out of tricks Kaidrine, soon you’ll burn with the rest of your council.”

Kaidrine laughed as she started backing away slowly. “Who do you think invited your clan? I knew I could count on you to clean out the competition. And for the record, I am never out of tricks.” She smugly replied as her feet stomped onto something metal. A fel iron disc rose from the dirt beneath Kaidrine’s feet, carrying her into the air with it. Kaidrine’s scythe flew back to her waiting grasp as she turned to wave mockingly to her opponents. The remaining Shadow Council members, presumably those loyal to her, fled aboard aerial mounts of their own shortly after. Kol’than watch in anger as his foe fled into the horizon.


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